Pismo Beach

As we arrive back on the coast we selected an RV park with the full hook up this time, water, electric, waste and of course, the hallowed WiFi!!! Up until we pulled into this RV park we thought our trusty steed was quite large. It was dwarfed as we drove into the shadows of the … Continue reading Pismo Beach

Sequoia National Forest

Potwisha campground for the next 2 days while we try and see the Crystal Caves and General Sherman (the biggest Sequoia and tree on earth). As we enter the National Park we are advised that in order to get up to the 2 attractions noted above, our vehicle should not be any longer than 22 … Continue reading Sequoia National Forest

Mariposa Grove

Today before departing Yosemite we took a stroll around the Mariposa Grove, one of 3 areas famed for being the home of the Giant Sequoia within Yosemite. These towering beasts can grow to thousands of years old, and some of the trees here would have been around native Americans roamed the land. The Giant Sequoias … Continue reading Mariposa Grove

Yosemite National Park

Wawona Campground is the first site in Yosemite. We booked it months before we came on the trip. Wawona site is really near Mariposa Grove and about a 30 min mountain drive from Yosemite Valley. We are pleased we did book, as Yosemite Valley, is very VERY busy, and even though the campgrounds surrounding the … Continue reading Yosemite National Park

Off Grid!

Picked up the camper from the outskirts of San Francisco and started the drive in to Stanislaus Forest to begin our journey through Yosemite National Park to Sequoia National Park. The forest trip is a week long before heading back to the coast and driving up to San Francisco. The camper is pretty cool. Proper … Continue reading Off Grid!

Alcatraz Island

It wouldn’t be a trip to San Francisco if we didn’t visit the most famous island in the world, now classed as one of America's 61 National Parks. Alcatraz was home to some of the most notorious criminals to have lived at the time between the 30’s and 60’s. Including non other than life gangster, … Continue reading Alcatraz Island