Sequoia National Forest

Potwisha campground for the next 2 days while we try and see the Crystal Caves and General Sherman (the biggest Sequoia and tree on earth). As we enter the National Park we are advised that in order to get up to the 2 attractions noted above, our vehicle should not be any longer than 22 … Continue reading Sequoia National Forest

San Francisco

We were lucky enough to be loaned the most beautiful flat from Paul, an ex colleague of Tans. Located near Mission district and surrounded by lots of cool things and foody places. It didn’t take us long to feel at home there. San Francisco has a great feel to it, kinda like Hipstery. We spent … Continue reading San Francisco

Zip lining

Second to last day we decided to partake in some Zip Lining. Located just a few miles north of us is Climb Works @ Keana Farm, within which the owner has turned the airspace above, into a Zip Lining experience. We had so much fun. There are 8 of the highest and longest zip lines we … Continue reading Zip lining

Kawela Bay Beach Park

Not to far from where we are staying is a great little beach that you get to via a small forest of Banyan trees. Not just any trees  though. These Banyan trees have seen Johnny Depp dressed up as a pirate and some other people from a show that got lost, called, err, Lost.

Food Trucks

Having completed little research before landing on Hawaii, I had no idea about the standard of food being pumped out of the food trucks here. North Shore is especially loaded with food trucks, and they all serve a main menu theme (Mexican, Shrimp etc.) with quite a few more dishes on offer than we expected … Continue reading Food Trucks

Ad Hoc Dentistry

Whilst we were on the Maili side of the island, one of my dental bridges came loose as a tooth snapped off the root. It wasn’t painful (already root canalled) at all, just annoying. When we got to a dentist, it was a bit of a chin scratcher, followed up with “we need to do … Continue reading Ad Hoc Dentistry

Shark Cove

Today we went for a snorkel off Shark Cove. A semi enclosed area teeming with life. We headed out and were soon greeted by all kinds of reef fish, it was lovely. As we crossed over a drop off to peer under looking for life we came across a baby White Tip Shark sleeping under … Continue reading Shark Cove