Kandy Sri Lanka is in the central province mountains. Words cannot express better than pictures, so here is a view from the White Buddha Temple viewpoint. Reminds me a little of parts of Northern Italy when viewed from afar. Stunning! We are saying up a mountainside in a Homestay  called Mount Haven run by a … Continue reading Kandy


After a fairly hectic visit to India, it's a welcome gift to just be chillin on a sun drenched beach, popping into the warm sea every no and then for a cool down. Or bodyboarding with the family. Sri Lanka is lovely. I have well and truly exhausted the inspection of the back of my … Continue reading Chillin

Munnar (Tea)

Munnar and surrounding areas are unbelievably beautiful. Tea manicured mountains that are reminiscent of a Japanese bonsai theme, just wonderful. We took a visit to the Tea Museum/Factory today to understand a little more about the history of the plantations up here in Munnar. It's not one of the horror stories we associate with relinquishing … Continue reading Munnar (Tea)